Mashburn is Ridiculously Amazing!

Mashburn is Ridiculously Amazing!  There is little more that needs to be said.  Our teachers, parents and students work really hard to be the best--and it shows!  
If you would like to get familiar with our Amazing school, please take a look at this video
The Mashburn 20  is what each student strives to do and to be.  When the 20 are applied--nothing can go wrong!!
The 7 Mindsets are something that the children work on throughout the year.
The Houses of Mashburn Elementary:

Mashburn will have six houses with students from each grade making up the "family". Houses will participate in
activities throughout the year.
Colors and "Themes" for the houses are listed below:
Jabari--BLUE -Courage
Gamba--RED -Strength
Amina--GREEN -Integrity
Mahari--YELLOW -Loyalty
Erevu--PURPLE -Ingenuity
Sonke--ORANGE –Respect

Horizontal house meetings will take place monthly (all grade levels by house). Vertical (grade level) house
meetings will be every 2weeks. Vertical meetings will focus on character traits, team building activities, and
monthly awards.

House Shirts are recommended to be worn during meetings to promote house bonding.  

The Shirts can be ordered using our spirit wear form which will be available on the website soon, please check back. Download the form, print, and send in with a check!  Please make checks payable to Mashburn PTA.


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